Our purpose is excellence

We provide structural engineering and geotechnical services.

We are committed to our customers to offer expert and efficient engineering.

Our work is based on the principles of innovation, efficiency and commitment.
We design projects of excellence using state-of-the-art technology to achieve excellent results.
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We deliver fast and innovative solutions for your structural and geotechnical needs.

Get to know our wide range of services

Our experts work efficiently to deliver a comprehensive and quality service for your projects.

Structural and seismic engineering

We offer advice and design solutions focused on the resistance of your project against seismic events.

Performance-based design

We analyze and improve the structure of your project, making sure it can withstand extreme conditions.


We study your project in order to make clear each of the possible improvements that can be implemented.


We ensure that the building complies with the various regulations in force, allowing a safe and sustainable occupation over time.


We thoroughly review your project on site, providing consulting services focused on the improvement of the structure in the field.

Early rough
construction work

We can indicate the exact dimensions and quantities of materials needed to carry out the work, allowing us to estimate the associated costs.

BIM (Building
Information Modeling)

We use digital tools to incorporate specialties into a single project, enhancing coordination and reducing response times.


We use different modern and proven methods to diagnose with certainty the state of the soil where the building will be constructed.

Mechanics of

We provide detailed reports on the composition of each soil layer, as well as its characteristics and recommendations related to your needs.
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A strong track record in engineering

To provide an integral and expert service for the development of real estate, commercial and industrial projects and the creation or improvement of existing civil constructions in structural and geotechnical terms. 

To be a leading company, with a high prestige and recognition in the structural engineering and geotechnical calculation market, standing out for its professional and personalized attention.

Innovation: We design unique projects based on fast and efficient management, enhanced by the use of cutting-edge technologies and BIM methodologies. 

Efficiency: We work responsibly to meet the agreed deadlines and requirements. 

Commitment: Our professional team strives to deliver an integral and quality service to all our clients.